Christopher Hesh

Curriculum Vitae

Brief Biography

Christopher Hesh is an independent interventional radiology resident at Northwestern University. His research interests relate to the development of image-guided therapeutics for solid tumors of childhood.

Research Interests

Interventional oncology; pediatric interventional radiology; image-guided therapeutics


Clinical Training

Honors & Awards


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Conference Abstracts

  1. Hesh CA, Qiu Y, Schnepp RR, Lam WA (2020) A 3-dimensional in vitro preclinical model of oncologic cryoablation. American Association for Cancer Research (Virtual)
  2. Hesh CA, Gill AE, Soler Rodriguez D, Clifton M, Mitchell S, Hawkins CM (2019) Microwave Ablation as Primary Therapy for PRETEXT II Hepatoblastoma. American Society of Pediatric Hematology & Oncology (New Orleans) [PDF]
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  5. Hesh CA, Di Carlo HN (2015) The “weekend effect”” and testicular torsion. Western Section American Urological Association (Indian Wells, CA)

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